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by worried daughter gave Kingswood Surgery a rating of 5 stars

handled excellently thank you

we have had problems with dads medication in previouse experiences and did not expect what happened today happen. I needed help dad has terminal cancer and he was in pain, I queued up and it was my turn I explained to the receptionist the gentlemen behind must of heard as he stepped back and sat down he new the nature of what was needed. others started coming in and waited to be seen I was uncomfortable as I was making them wait. the receptionist was amazing she searched and gave me all I needed she treated me with respect care and dignity she gave me her time and she instructed the next patient to go to the other window as she would be a while, however the next couple the gentlemen was huffing but the receptionist stayed calm and focused on me I can only say thankyou when you are going through not knowing and needing help when it comes to palliative care you need that. today you have changed my opinion of the surgery and again I can not thank you enough. please keep up the good work.

Visited in June 2019, Posted on 28 June 2019

by Anonymous gave Kingswood Surgery a rating of 5 stars

Epitomises the best of U.K. General Practice

Provides excellent patient centred care for my whole family

Visited in May 2019, Posted on 03 June 2019

by oneyeshut gave Kingswood Surgery a rating of 5 stars

EwKingswood positive review

This is a general comment from approx 20 years visiting the Kingswood Surgery In Tunbridge Wells: I have always been treated well by both Doctors & Nurses at Kingswood. If there is a problem whether medical treatment, referrals or merely advisory - Kingswood have always come through. It’s sometimes a matter of adhering to their system but Kingswood has kept apace with technology and in updating their Booking/contact methods - which has increased their efficiency and I imagine assisted in streamline their day-to-day enquiries. I particularly am impressed with the new Patient Access system which can give medical records, appointments and information online - freeing our own time up from unnecessary phone-calls or visits. The staff benefit too and I guess have an increased amount of time to deal with more urgent matters.Thank you Kingswood - from what I have heard from various registered users - you have many fans!

Visited in April 2019, Posted on 09 April 2019

by Anonymous gave Kingswood Surgery a rating of 5 stars

Excellent Surgery

I have always found this Surgery, its GPs and staff to be very caring and totally professional. I can always find an appointment that is convenient for me. If I need to see a particular GP, this is possible, but realise I may have to wait a few more days to do so. However, if I need to be seen on the day, the triage system works well.

Visited in February 2019, Posted on 16 March 2019