Dear Patients,

As a practice, we are deeply committed about providing a high quality service to our patients, which we achieve by monitoring the number of patients assigned to each GP.

With the population now standing at over 11,150 patients, the practice is larger than ever and is now the third largest practice in Tunbridge Wells, after The Wells Partnership (made up of the former Clanricarde, Abbey Court and Rowantree practices) and the Grosvenor/St James practice, split across two sites.

Due to changes in commitments with some of the partners, plus the new arrival of two new associate GPs, the practice has conducted a periodic review of its allocation of patients to individual GPs. 

As a result of this review, this may lead to some patients being reassigned to a new doctor.

The partners accept that this announcement may be unwelcome news for some of our patients.

We wish to point out that patient assignment is an automated process and whilst we readily appreciate that our patients will have formed a strong and trusting relationship with ther GPs, this decision has been taken in the best interests of providing proper patient care, whilst at the same time ensuring that GPs workloads are evenly balanced. .

However, we ask that our patients understand and accept that any changes arising from this process are regrettable, but wholly necessary in order for us to continue to offer the quality of care which we aspire to deliver and you deserve.



The Kingswood Partnership

Published: Sep 14, 2021