Women's Health

The Pill

“The Pill” is the most widely used form of contraception. It is a pill that contains both oestrogen and progesterone hormones which work in a number of ways to prevent pregnancy.

If you are taking or thinking about taking the Pill it is really important to know the ins and outs.


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After you have started and settled on the pill we will usually be able to set you up with a 6 month supply and can supply a further six months without seeing you. In order to safely prescribe beyond this we need to do an annual Pill Check. This involves asking a few questions and measuring your weight and blood pressure. The easiest way is to book in with the nurses for this. 


Breast Screening

The national screening programme for breast cancer has made a huge difference and saved many lives. About 1 in 8 women in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. If it’s detected early, treatment is more successful and there’s a good chance of recovery.

Our nearest screening unit is in Maidstone and can be contacted by calling 01622 710185.