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Prevention is so much better than cure! It is never to late to go on a health kick. There is lots of evidence to show that a healthier lifestyle can reduce disease and improve quality of life.

The NHS has created LiveWell, a website to help people improve their health and wellbeing.

Take the OneYou quiz and see how you do: Health Quiz

health and lifestyle



When you feel ready to stop smoking there are lots of ways the NHS can help. 

Smoking is an addiction and that is why it is so hard to quit the habit. 

It really is a great thing to do and will hugely improve your future health.

With medication and support you are TEN times more likely to stop successfully.

  • SmokeFree is the NHS stop smoking website with an App and other resources.
  • For free advice and support you can call 0300 123 1220.
  • Quit packs are available from the surgery. Just ask at Reception. 
  • Read Allen Carr’s  book “The easy way to stop smoking”

Good Luck!



It would be nice if we were all Olympic athletes but this is not compatible with normal life . We understand that it is hard to find the time and motivation to exercise. However regular exercise is so important for a healthy body and mind. It can make you feel better and live longer!

The NHS target is for people to work hard enough to make themselves breathless and to do this for 150 minutes across the week. This seems a lot but broken down into 30 minute sessions it is doable.

Everybody is different and it is about finding a type of exercise that suits you.

  • NHS Choices: Advice and Tips about getting into exercise
  • One You: A useful website
  • Couch to 5K App: A free App for beginners who want to start running
  • Active 10: An App for those short on time. Just 10 minutes can make a difference!
  • ParkRun: A free 5K run every Saturday in Dunorlan Park


It is really easy to drink a bit too much. We know that drinking more than 14 Units a week is linked to developing heart conditions and increases your risk of cancer.

14 Units is equivalent to…

6 Pints of beer (4%)

7 Glasses of wine (172ml)

14 shots of spirits (40%)

The first step is working out how many Units you are having. Here is a Unit Calculator

If you are drinking too much there is lots of support out there.

  • DrinkAware: The national website with support to reduce drinking
  • OneYou: Public Health campaign with great information and a Drink Free days App
  • CGL: the local alcohol service who can provide support and counselling. You can self refer here
  • NHS Choices: A collection of advice and useful links
  • Drinkline: The national drink helpline. Call 0300 123 1110.
  • Alcoholics Anomynous: Support groups. There is a group in Tunbridge Wells


As a nation we are becoming heavier. Especially as we get older and busier it is so easy to gain a few pounds. This is worrying because being overweight is linked to a number of serious health conditions including cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Obesity is preventable and reversible but it takes some hard work and organisation.

Are you overweight? Use this BMI calculator to work out your BMI. BMI is just a calculation of height and weight. A BMI of 30 is the definition of obesity.

If you are overweight there is a lot you can do about it. The most important thing in weight loss is reducing calories. Exercise is important but plays a lesser role. Losing weight will make you feel better!

  • Low Carb program: Award winning App and Community for weight loss
  • Weight Watchers: Meet in Tunbridge Wells weekly
  • OneYou: NHS advice and support about weight loss
  • Healthy Weight: The Kent Council have lots of free services. Complete the Online form.
  • Become a Vegan: Here is a free film about it. Everyday Stories. It’s eye opening.
  • “What the Health” is a film on Netflix. It changes people…